About Us

About Us:

We are a family of people with a common goal. 
That goal is Home ownership and Financial freedom. Most of us are living in rented apartments; most have lived in a rented house for more than 10 years and some have been living in the same house for more than 20 years. We have come to realize what one can’t solve as one, as a group we can achieve it. We have lawyers, doctors, engineers and people from all walks of life in our group AIM Titans International and what unites us is our team goals of financial freedom and home ownership.

We are all on the team to home ownership and we want to help as many people that are ready to leave the clutches of Lagos Landlords and move to their houses to achieve it.

So we took it upon ourselves to get a good real estate company to partner with to solve this issue as we all know that dealing with many can lead to a lot of headaches.

Perfection Real Estate Cooperative Society is a Real Estate Company with investments in the real estate industry in Festac and Ibeju Lekki areas of Lagos. You can see more on them from our reference page. They are fully registered with CAC and have been in operation since 2012. 

Thank you and welcome to our page.